DA 31 Form Fillable Army Pubs

DA 31 Form Fillable Army Pubs – The DA 31 Form is a commonly used document within the United States military. It is an official Army form that authorizes personnel to be away from their post or duty station for a specific period. The DA 31 Form is also known as the Request and Authority for Leave form and is used by officers and enlisted personnel. This article will review the purpose of the DA 31 Form, when it should be used, and how to fill out the form correctly.

Department of the Army Form 31, or DA 31, is a U.S. military leave form used to request and record short absences from duty. It is one of the most important forms for soldiers in all branches of the armed forces. It must be completed accurately according to regulations if servicemembers wish to take leave properly. The DA form 31 facilitates the authorization process by providing a detailed list of information necessary for approving absences, including vacation time, emergency leaves, or family visits.

In addition to requesting leave, this form also functions as a document that records an individual’s period of absence from service so that their superior officers can track their whereabouts while away from duty. A DA Form 31 must be filled out with all required information such as name and rank, type of leave being requested (vacation/emergency, etc.

DA 31 Form Fillable Army Pubs

What is a DA 31 Form?

A DA 31 Form is a document issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). This form is used by military personnel to formally request authorization for a short-term absence from duty, such as for leave or pass. It should be noted that this form does not replace the need for additional documents to support an individual’s application for leave, such as those issued by other agencies or branches of the military.

The DA 31 Form contains essential information about the individual seeking authorization, including name, rank, and social security number. Additionally, it requires them to provide details regarding their intended destination and the expected duration of their absence from duty. Once completed and submitted, it is processed by the commanding officer, who will decide whether to approve or deny the request based on their circumstances and any recommendations.

What is DA 31 Form Used For?

The DA 31 Form, otherwise known as the Request and Authority for Leave form, is used by United States Army members who seek permission to take leave from duty. This form is an important document in the US Army that provides authorization for soldiers to be absent from their duties while they attend to personal or family matters.

The DA 31 Form must be completed before it can be accepted. The form requires information such as the date requested, type of leave, place of destination, and period of absence. Once completed and signed by the soldier and their supervisor, it must be forwarded to their unit personnel clerk or administrative clerk for processing. After processing has been approved and authorized by all necessary parties, a copy will be given back to the soldier with a stamped authorization number which serves as proof that they have been granted leave.

To Whom Is DA Form 31 Sent To?

The DA Form 31, also known as a Request and Authority for Leave, is an important document issued by the United States military to provide service members with authorization to take time off from their duties. As such, it’s important to understand who is responsible for submitting this form and receiving approval.

In most cases, the service member themselves must complete the DA Form 31 and submit it to their immediate supervisor or commander. Once submitted, the supervisor or commander will review any requests for leave and provide either approval or disapproval depending on their assessment of whether the request is allowable. If approved, a copy of the signed form will be returned to both parties so that it can be kept on file in case further proof of leave taken is needed in the future.

DA 31 Fillable

The DA 31 Form, or Department of the Army Leave Form, is an essential document for US Army personnel. It is used to request leave, pass authorization, and record leaves taken by Soldiers. The DA 31 form is available in both a hard copy form and a fillable version that can be filled out online.

The online version of the DA 31 form allows soldiers to quickly enter their information into an electronic document without having to write it all out manually. This makes it easier for personnel to submit their leave requests faster and more accurately. The fillable version also allows supervisors and commanders to review each individual’s request more easily since all the required information is included in one document.

Note: To View the Form, you will need to Download Acrobat Reader.